WELCOME to the rainbow church

Spectrum Memphis opened it's doors on New Year's Eve 2010!!! Quickly becoming the #1 Nightclub in Memphis, TN! Spectrum has 2 HUGE Dance floors, the 2 Hottest DJ's on this side of the country spinning Hip Hop, Trance, Techno and everything in betweeen!!! Spectrum thrives on the Atmosphere unlike any other you've ever experienced! Spectrum has been seen to surpass nightclubs in New York, Vegas and L.A. without comparison. 30,000 sq. ft. encompasses almost half the block of the downtown neighborhood where Spectrum is only seconds away from Memphis History where Elvis recorded his first record at Sun Studios. The THEME parties at Spectrum Memphis have set a standard in this long forgotten city and now Memphis is a destination for nightlife in the Southeast!

18 to CHILL & 21 to SPILL!! 

Make sure to check out our partners and feel free to make donations!

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